Friendship Force Word - Speak


A Guide to Weaving your Way through the Language of Friendship Force

exchange: the primary purpose of FF – the formal program of people-to people cultural exchanges between two countries or parts of the same country.

domestic exchange: an exchange usually of 4-5 days established to introduce members of FF to another area within the USA . These may be incoming or outgoing.

international exchange: a visit of cultural understanding arranged by distant FF members to enable participants vetted and organized by our club to learn about the distant country or area through a 6-7 day program of daily activities and family experiences. These may be incoming or outgoing.

exchange workshop: a cultural sensitivity and logistics briefing required for all ambassadors before embarking as a participant on each exchange.

exchange director (E.D): the lead volunteer and primary point of contact for any exchange. They are responsible for organizing and selecting ambassadors to make a positive impact on international understanding and goodwill; for planning the exchange activities; for acting as the leader of the journey.

ambassador: a participant in an exchange to promote cultural understanding and awareness who is expected to represent the home club or country as a citizen ambassador.

host: the individual(s) providing a home visitation experience to the visiting ambassadors. Hosts may be full hosts, day hosts or dinner hosts. Hosts may arrange for friends, neighbors and other community members to meet the visiting ambassadors.

home stay: hosting arrangements made within a household.

exchange program: activities organized by the hosting FF club to introduce incoming participants to the culture and life of the area being visited. Participants are expected to honor their hosts by attending events (a few activities maybe identified as optional).